Consciously shape your social media feed

It is important to put the brain on a diet of good photos, paintings, movies and SWEET 16 PHOTOSHOOT. Therefore, it would be nice to unsubscribe from all the acquaintances who post their everyday pictures on the social network like “me and my children” and “my cat is sleeping”. We do the same with small-town photographers and publics like “the […]

When to shoot and edit in RAW

When you need a high-quality result, and not the speed of the return of the footage. If you want to shoot portraits, work with a subject, or learn to shoot interiors, then RAW format is a must such as Why? When trying to process or retouch an in-camera jpg in Photoshop or Lightroom, you will be working with a […]

The littered horizon in the photo, how to fix it?

If, when viewing the footage, you find the presence of this error in the photo, you will have to resort to a radical method – deleting all such pictures! Kidding! This problem is easily solved in Photoshop. For this: Insert the photo into the program. Press the C key. This is the frame tool. Rotate the image in the […]

“A good camera takes good photos”

This is not true. Good photos are not taken by the camera, but by the photographer. Many people before they start taking pictures on their own think that professional photographers get good, high-quality shots due to the use of expensive equipment. However, the camera is only a tool. How to use it, decides its owner. If a person who does […]

To process or not to process photos?

For many, this is a sore point – is a photo processed in Photoshop considered “live” and “real”. In this opinion, people are divided into two camps – some are categorically against processing, others – for the fact that there is nothing wrong with processing photos. Personally, my opinion about the processing is as follows: Any photographer, even an amateur, […]

Composition in photography

Now that we have dealt with the technical part in general terms, it’s time to talk about such a thing as composition. In a nutshell, composition in photography is the mutual arrangement and interaction of objects and light sources in the frame, thanks to which the photographic work looks harmonious and complete. There are a lot of rules, I will […]

Zoom and focal length

Focal length is a characteristic that determines the angle of view of the lens. The shorter the focal length, the wider the angle covered by the lens, the longer the focal length, the more similar in its action to a telescope. Often the concept of “focal length” in everyday life is replaced by “zoom”. This is wrong, since zoom is […]