“A good camera takes good photos”

“A good camera takes good photos”

This is not true. Good photos are not taken by the camera, but by the photographer. Many people before they start taking pictures on their own think that professional photographers get good, high-quality shots due to the use of expensive equipment. However, the camera is only a tool. How to use it, decides its owner.

If a person who does not know how to draw is given the best, most expensive brushes and paints, the result will be exactly the same as when using the simplest and cheapest. Good brushes and paints will show all their capabilities only in skillful hands. It’s the same with photography.

During my work with students, I often came across beginners who had the most expensive, most professional cameras in existence. Did such students make shots better than others? No. On the contrary: their pictures were worse because they could not understand the complex photographic equipment designed for experienced professionals.

It is best to choose a camera not by its belonging to the professional class or the highest price category, but by how it suits your level of training and your tasks. For example, many expensive professional cameras, such as the Nikon D810, do not have automatic mode and scene programs at all (portrait, landscape, macro, etc.), which makes them incredibly difficult for beginner photographers to work with. : You have to dig into unknown settings for a long time. At the same time, many entry-level cameras, such as the Nikon D5300 or Nikon D3300, can take great pictures on full auto: the photographer can only choose the most interesting scenes without thinking about the technical side of the issue.

How to choose a camera? Choose not “the best professional camera”, but the model that suits your skills and your tasks. To make the right choice, it is enough to understand how seriously you want to take photography, whether you are going to learn photography or just want to take pictures for memory.